Dementia Care

We offer a warm, supportive, homelike environment for ladies with mild to moderate memory impairment. These ladies are part of the general resident population, but receive more cueing and are checked on more frequently, especially at night. Staff are trained to work with the individual and gently encourage appropriate activities. Bathing is handled carefully, and special attention is paid to skin condition and other indicators of health problems. Dressing, grooming, and eating are carefully supervised. Because of the higher level of staffing needed, there is an additional charge for dementia care; kindly contact us to discuss.

Residents with dementia are included in all activity programs. Our activities director gathers Information from families to enable staff to draw the residents into group activities or interest them in an individual project. Special reminders, recurring activities, and our large-print activities calendar all help ensure their participation in activities they enjoy. Our activities director regularly makes announcements at meals about the day's activities, and caregivers assist residents in walking to the programs. A number of residents participate in dementia-specific day programs outside the Home, and we sometimes refer new residents to these programs to give them a variety of interactions. No residents with dementia handle their own medications, and their rooms are regularly checked for possible safety hazards. Family and friends are cautioned not to bring in any items that could be ingested or topically applied without the knowledge and permission of the Executive Director. 

Should the time come when the Home can no longer meet a resident's needs, we will work with her family to help find the best alternative placement.