Medication Management

A number of our residents are able to administer their own medications, but for most, both prescription and over-the-counter medications are centrally stored. The staff assists residents in the self-administration of medications, at set intervals prescribed by each resident's physician. Staff will seek physician approval before use of  nonprescription drugs. 

The admission process includes a staff assessment, as well as a physician's report, to judge whether it is appropriate for a prospective resident to handle her own medications. 

The staff who assist residents with medications are shift supervisors who have been specifically trained in this duty. They can also assist with oral, topical, and ophthalmic medications and inhalers, but are not allowed to administer injections; these and other services requiring a licensed nurse must be arranged by the family and physician with a licensed home health agency.

For ease of record-keeping, the Ladies Home prefers that all residents use our centralized pharmacy provider. Residents are free to choose another pharmacy, but the Home will assess a surcharge to cover the cost of extra record-keeping. (Note: Kaiser, On Lok, and VA patients may be exempt from this charge.)

Should a resident require crushing of a medication, a physician order, pharmacy safety verification, and permission of our licensing agency must be obtained. Crushing will be for ease in swallowing only, not for the purpose of forcing a resident to take a medication; residents have the right to refuse medication.